We’ve spoken before about how much we love working with traditional materials like Norfolk flint. And we’re not the only ones who appreciate the classic Norfolk flint style. We get lots of requests from people who want to build a new home in keeping with local traditional building, or people wishing to add an extension to their flint property. Flint walls are also a popular choice for adding definition and interest as part of a garden landscaping project.

So one of the questions we get asked a lot is “how much does a flint wall cost?”.

As with all of the cost questions we get, the answer starts with “it depends”.

Whilst there are some pre-cast flint building materials around that can help keep some costs down, they don’t give the same finish. We favour sticking with traditional freehand methods and materials for an authentic finish. But even within that bracket, there are lots of different techniques. Fortunately, we have a locally trained flint mason on our team who knows the best technique to use and when.

Back to the question of cost, the best way to answer is to give you a guide per square metre of wall.

For a traditional style flint wall, laid free hand by a fully trained stone mason, allow on average £120 per square metre.

That gives you a starting point. If you intend to incorporate brick finishing or decorative designs, the overall cost could go down or up from there. The cost may also vary depending on the location and accessibility of the site. All we can say is that if you get someone who really knows their craft to take care of your flint project, you won’t be disappointed – the finish will be fantastic.