How to avoid losing money on your building project

Whether you are building, converting or renovating, taking on a building project is a massive commitment. It is, therefore, understandable that you will want to get it right first time so you don’t waste both your time and money. All too often, you hear horror stories of people taking on a project only to [...]

10 Easy ways to add value to your home without taking on a large project

Improve…don’t move! On many an occasion people buy a house with the idea of putting their own stamp on it. And hopefully increasing the value of the home. You will need to do a little more than change the colour of the garish red living room walls to add extra value though. You may [...]

6 Common mistakes when starting a building project

Whether you’re planning a renovation, extension or a complete new build there are a whole host of pitfalls you can fall into. Beginning any sort of building or renovation work can be a daunting prospect. We’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes made by those who take on these projects. By reading [...]